Who's Willard?

Willard Bond is a prolific independent singer/songwriter performing and recording in the roots/rock tradition. Growing up near Guelph, Ontario, Willard developed an early and deep appreciation for the music of Hank Williams, Queen and Peter Gabriel.  Willard has recorded two previous albums: "Men in the Moon", 1993. and "Youngest Man in the World", 2009. Now he's releasing "The Happy Trail", 13 upbeat rock'n'roots originals.  He has also penned well over 100 more songs - about life, love, learning - and is currently preparing to record and release many of these through 2011 and into 2012. Along with a passion for military history and films, Willard holds a third degree black belt in karate. He lives in Toronto with his cats Thomson & Jeff, where he works as a freelance recording engineer and self defence instructor.