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"Whole New Light"


So the new record is essentially complete.
Just waiting to hear back from a couple more golden-eared friends to make sure I didn't miss anything too obvious.
But there's been a glitch.
I accidentally wrote a short story a couple of weeks back, which has now bloomed to over 175 pages.
Its barely half done, if that, so its no longer a short story. 
The great news is that I'm having a great time.
The bad news is that it takes crazy amounts of time.
You'll be the first to hear when a draft is ready.
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The New Record is Almost Done! 

Having spent most of my free time in the studio over the past two months it was easy to feel like there was nothing to report.  "The new tracks sound good" or "the editing is really bringing this stuff to life" seemed a bit empty, as updates should go.
But now I'm mixing.  Soon will come the mastering.  Then the manufacturing.  These will also feel under-interesting to an intrepid blog-writer, or so I fear.
So in the meantime please check out The New Record link.  I'll be posting some pre-release tracks…Read more

Where did the time go? 

I just discovered that its been almost a full century since I last posted here.  
So here's the update and a link for you.
This being holiday season, its time once again to share some silliness.
Here's three daffy ditties in the spirit of holiday bummery.
Enjoy if you can.  Expect no reverence.

I had a record ready to take to the studio in August.
Its still ready to go.  But some major health issues have caused havoc with the schedule.
Continued thoughts and prayers for my team of stellar peeps.

So I…Read more

Cellos and bagpipes 

I rented a cello three weeks ago.  Went onto YouTube for my first lesson.  I was a star student - for about 3-4 minutes.
Its seems that the position of the left arm was causing pain in my forearm.  I could practice for 2-3 minutes, then it hurt.
I pushed through for a bit - I insisted on getting some kind of part on one of my songs.  And the first song was not promising.
Then I took a crack at "Over the Falls", (this version is without cello) with a new attitude - crush it.  
I played like I knew what I…Read more

Summer Heat 

Summer is not my favorite season.
In the cold months of long nights I have all the excuse I need to settle into relative marathons of writing and recording.
In the summer I don't want to hang in the basement.  It feels like a waste of good weather.
Unless it gets really hot - then I flee to the coolness of the Underground Music world for writing and chilling.
Its been hot enough lately, so the new songs are coming along quite well.
It looks like August before I get to the studio now, so bring on the…Read more

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Today's WillPic

Thomson, the muse for our new video.  
He insisted on sonic perfection.

Thomson, the muse for our new video.
He insisted on sonic perfection.

  1. 1 Corky the Corgi 01:46 Free
  2. 2 One-Eyed Cat 01:04 Free
  3. 3 Saturday Morning 01:22 Free
  4. 4 June's Etude 01:08 Free
  5. 5 Sunday Afternoon 02:17 Free
  6. 6 Waking Up With You 02:05 Free
  7. 7 Harold's Jig 01:07 Free
  8. 8 Misch's Pond 01:54 Free
  9. 9 Boodles 01:18 Free
  10. 10 Simple 01:50 Free
  11. 11 Liam's March 01:55 Free
  12. 12 Drizzle and Rain 03:22 Free
  13. 13 Hope 00:48 Free
  14. 14 Lake Road 01:41 Free
  15. 15 Next Seven 01:40 Free
  16. 16 Whole New Light 01:48 Free
  17. 17 Mom's Gone 01:53 Free
  18. 18 Honest Sleep 04:01 Free
  19. 19 The First Seven 02:32 Free