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Get yourself "A Few Small Strings" .
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"Whole New Light"

Thanks Given 

Hello there.  I hope that your (Canadian) Thanksgiving treated you and yours very well.
Please check out the new video post, "In Flanders Fields" Redux.  Its the same song and performance as the original video, but now with the archival footage that I was unable to clear during the original edit.
I have some new songs to post here for you very soon.  In the meantime please feel free to share the video link with one and all, and be sure to thank a Veteran.  I've been reading a number of personal accounts…Read more


Hello again, good friends.  I'm so sorry its been so long since my last post.
Please check out the new video test - I'd love your feedback, as I am just learning about how to edit a video (properly!).
I have another similar video to finish, then a very complicated edit for another new video.
And I'm working on getting a new EP ready for Remembrance Day.
Then more video shooting, maybe even video blogs.
Not to mention the live thing.

Thanks for checking back - please do so again when you can, as I'll…Read more

The next first blog. 

Today is the first blog of the rest of my blog.

I shall blog in ways that no one may ever blog again.

I'll be by times saccharine, by times toxic.

But I'll always be direct and sincere; if not, I'll be clearly otherwise.

I'll share only the best ideas; I'll keep to myself rather than proclaim that I'm bored or need a caffein fix.

I'll tell you about the best flavors, qualities and experiences that I come across.

I'll encourage you to continue to seek out the most excellent of existences.


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First of March 

Its a crazy time here at the Underground Music cave.
The new record (yes, we still call them records...) is at the factory, so I'll have some for you very soon.
We've been attending seminars (the New Music Seminar in LA, as well as the upcoming CMW in Toronto) and taking notes.
We're re-tooling (updating?) the various sites where Willard's songs can be found.
We're learing about getting radio play.
We're working on themes for some upcoming music videos.
We're calling venues to get some gigs booked.
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First words 

Its been a long time coming, but the parts are starting to fit together.
It is not a natural thing for a creative-type - well, as least me - to cross over from making songs, sounds and lyrics to building websites, learning video software, and managing lists.  So thank you for your patience, if any has been required.
The good news is that once these things are in place I can go back to making up more songs, sounds and so on.  And there's lots to get back to.
The plan from here is to output as much music…Read more

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Today's WillPic

Thomson, the muse for our new video.  
He insisted on sonic perfection.

Thomson, the muse for our new video.
He insisted on sonic perfection.

  1. 1 Corky the Corgi 01:46 Free
  2. 2 One-Eyed Cat 01:04 Free
  3. 3 Saturday Morning 01:22 Free
  4. 4 June's Etude 01:08 Free
  5. 5 Sunday Afternoon 02:17 Free
  6. 6 Waking Up With You 02:05 Free
  7. 7 Harold's Jig 01:07 Free
  8. 8 Misch's Pond 01:54 Free
  9. 9 Boodles 01:18 Free
  10. 10 Simple 01:50 Free
  11. 11 Liam's March 01:55 Free
  12. 12 Drizzle and Rain 03:22 Free
  13. 13 Hope 00:48 Free
  14. 14 Lake Road 01:41 Free
  15. 15 Next Seven 01:40 Free
  16. 16 Whole New Light 01:48 Free
  17. 17 Mom's Gone 01:53 Free
  18. 18 Honest Sleep 04:01 Free
  19. 19 The First Seven 02:32 Free