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"When You Say"

Summer Heat 

Summer is not my favorite season.
In the cold months of long nights I have all the excuse I need to settle into relative marathons of writing and recording.
In the summer I don't want to hang in the basement.  It feels like a waste of good weather.
Unless it gets really hot - then I flee to the coolness of the Underground Music world for writing and chilling.
Its been hot enough lately, so the new songs are coming along quite well.
It looks like August before I get to the studio now, so bring on the…Read more

March Has Past 

And now its April.
That means various things, but the big thing around here is that I have roughly four-five weeks before I head into the studio to make the next record.  
I know the Easter Bunny will be along with eggs shortly but I feel more like Santa is due with stacks of toys for me and my songs.  Its not a bad way to face the day, I must say.
I'll be keeping you posted with new tracks with some regularity, maybe some video and Vlog stuff too.
Any requests?

Time Flew. 

Wow - two whole months just vaporized.
My cat had an eye removed, I slept for a couple of weeks while suffering through that nasty cold-thing, and I failed to win several lottery draws.
And that's about it.
That's all over, thankfully.  
The last week or two have seen some great progress with the new record, new videos, and new ventures.
Please check out the New Record Page to see what's up there - no obligations whatsoever, just an update on the state of play in Willard's world.  At the very least you…Read more


Things are afoot here at the Underground workshop.
There's the new video - please check out the rough-cut of "Something About You".
(And look for the polished version in the new year.)
Plus, there's at least one more video coming soon.
There are new songs for you to check out and/or download.
Soon I'll have a couple of Christmas tunes to help with your festive mood.
And the Store is finally up and happening, so your holiday shopping just got a lot easier.

This may be the only site you'll ever need to…Read more

Marching On... 

Its that time of year again - November for me is Remembrance Month.
I've been reading harrowing accounts of our soldiers at war, which always renews my appreciation for those who would place themselves between us and those who wish to harm us.
The video for "In Flanders Fields" is a response to that sense of appreciation and gratitude - I hope you enjoy it.
And please wear a Poppy.  Even thank a vet when you can.
I'll have a few more surprises for you shortly (Nov 12!) by way of some sneak previews of…Read more

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Today's WillPic

Producer Rick Hutt rocks the air drums while executive Meryl finds the chill.

Producer Rick Hutt rocks the air drums while executive Meryl finds the chill.

  1. 1 Corky the Corgi 01:46 Free
  2. 2 One-Eyed Cat 01:04 Free
  3. 3 Saturday Morning 01:22 Free
  4. 4 June's Etude 01:08 Free
  5. 5 Sunday Afternoon 02:17 Free
  6. 6 Waking Up With You 02:05 Free
  7. 7 Harold's Jig 01:07 Free
  8. 8 Misch's Pond 01:54 Free
  9. 9 Boodles 01:18 Free
  10. 10 Simple 01:50 Free
  11. 11 Liam's March 01:55 Free
  12. 12 Drizzle and Rain 03:22 Free
  13. 13 Hope 00:48 Free
  14. 14 Lake Road 01:41 Free
  15. 15 Next Seven 01:40 Free
  16. 16 Whole New Light 01:48 Free
  17. 17 Mom's Gone 01:53 Free
  18. 18 Honest Sleep 04:01 Free
  19. 19 The First Seven 02:32 Free