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"Blue Skies" on your ceiling?  

Hello and happy Wednesday - it's a beautiful day and here's the song to prove it.

"Blue Skies on the Ceiling" did not make the cut for the new record, but it does wake me up quicker than a double shot of espresso.  If there's a new morning show that you'll be producing anytime soon then this should be it's theme song.  I hope it has you dancing in your sleeping clothes too. -W

Get That Funny Feeling 

This week's video post is a preview from "Jiggery Pokery", a lyric video for one of the bonus tracks.

"I Got A Feelin'" is quite the toe-tapper, if we do say so.  We left it off the record because 1, we had too many tracks, and 2, because... it's quite the toe-tapper.  Have fun with it and I can send you a copy with the rest of the record, if you like.

And please rock your Wednesday!

Ah, Saturdays 

Our folks liked to laze-in a bit on Saturdays, so we would create our own morning meals to enjoy in front of the TV.  Cartoons were an imortant ritual.  Then we were all set to our tasks, either something that didn't get done all week or a bigger project that we'd been holding off.  Either way, the soundtrack was always agreeable.

Happy & Jiggy 

If you have not yet noticed, many of these instrumentals were named after departed loved ones, human & 4-legged.

Dad was a pretty chipper guy and he loved to sway to some good rooty tunes.  I hope he would have put this one high on his list.

Enjoy "Harold's Jig" with a big grin, if you would.

Boodles Doodles 

I just wanted to see "Boodles Doodles" on the screen.  And I thought it might be justified as this week's video offering fits the title.

I will run out of these at some point, then it will be time for the vaunted lyric video.  One can almost look away when there are lyrics on the screen.  Almost.

But I digress.  I hope "Boodles" rocks your day.

Doodle videos 

You may have seen my recent doodle videos.  I thought they might make an interesting alternative to the other slide-show videos I've seen around, and which you will certainly see here at some points over the coming months.

Please let me know how they sit with you and I'll consider another batch.

This week's installment is a revisit of a very old tune of mine, originally recorded in 1982 and re-imagined for "A Few Small Strings".

Please enjoy vigorously, and let me know how the toe-tapping works for you -…

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Prodigal songs? 

Whatever we may call them, they're overdue.

The artist is working on the cover, a couple of lyric-videos have been put together, and a million other things. 

And it's Wednesday, so we will call this the first "Willodious Wednesday" post.  Feel free to look forward to a new bit of creative each and every week, at least until I run out of material.  (I have about 8mos at this point.)

This week is the simplest video of them all, "One-Eyed Cat" (from "A Few Small Strings"), which was for my main man-cat…

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Time keeps on slippin', slippin'... 

Making records can take a long time and most of one's attention.  The dream-trip to France took a few weeks off the table, as has the novel and screenplay writing.  And yet, I have been moving forward on the next full record (20 songs ready for the final touches - which will take quite some time) AND three EPs.  I'm always reluctant to post unfinished songs but I may have to break that rule if I keep adding fun things to my list of To-Dos.  In the meantime, please grab yourself some tracks from "A Few SmallRead more

More writing, recording, and rhythmatic 

It seems that I just can't stop writing, but somehow never in blogs.
The trashy pulp fiction opus "Luckiest Guy in Town" now has its eighth draft completed, research for two screenplays is well under way, an old idea for a comedy series has been re-lit, and I now have about 125 lyrics to go along with the 175 song ideas that have been recorded in some form.
So I apologize for the radio silence and want you to know I'll be sending more notes to you in the near and continuing future.
Please continue to rock.  -WRead more

Hello again. 

Good to be reporting.  The CDs are at the shop, picking them up next week.  That's right.  
I'll be sending you a few tracks to preview so you can see how much better meals taste to instrumental guitar music.
The book is in its next phase too, and when the few pre-editor/ideal-readers get there notes back to me next week we'll be onward and upward with all of that.  
Enjoy the best of the season, best wishes for handling the worst.  
I'll be back to you real real soon.  - W