Who's Willard?

Willard Bond is a prolific independent singer/songwriter performing and recording in the roots/rock tradition, and then some. Growing up near Guelph, Ontario, he developed an early and deep appreciation for the music of Hank Williams, Queen and Peter Gabriel.  Willard has recorded several albums, from "Men in the Moon", in 1993, to the instrumental "A Few Small Strings" in '15. Now he's releasing "Jiggery Pokery", with 14 varied tracks and a few short surprises.  Rather than tour, he's fallen back into the studio for three more EPs, helping get a WW2 war memoir published, and produce a video every week (!) for release with each song on the new album.  Along with a passion for military history and films, Willard holds a third degree black belt in karate. He lives in Toronto with his cats Moneypenny & Jeff, where he works as a recording engineer and self defence instructor.