First words

Its been a long time coming, but the parts are starting to fit together.
It is not a natural thing for a creative-type - well, as least me - to cross over from making songs, sounds and lyrics to building websites, learning video software, and managing lists.  So thank you for your patience, if any has been required.
The good news is that once these things are in place I can go back to making up more songs, sounds and so on.  And there's lots to get back to.
The plan from here is to output as much music as possible as fast as possible; this may result in some raw (rough?) results, but I'm getting used to the idea of letting go versus spending too much time trying to making things to perfect.
The list of pending projects includes records of blues, acoustic, keyboard/electronic, and other "modules" of various songs and styies.  And a film.
At least that's what the future looks like today.  I'll let you know tomorrow if things change.
But first, its off to LA for a music conference, among other things.  Report to follow.

be good to yourself -- wb