Summer Heat

Summer is not my favorite season.
In the cold months of long nights I have all the excuse I need to settle into relative marathons of writing and recording.
In the summer I don't want to hang in the basement.  It feels like a waste of good weather.
Unless it gets really hot - then I flee to the coolness of the Underground Music world for writing and chilling.
Its been hot enough lately, so the new songs are coming along quite well.
It looks like August before I get to the studio now, so bring on the heat.
I could always use a bit more time to write a few more monster smash dynamite hits for the new record.
In the meantime, enjoy the latest posts on the
New Record page.  I'll have the newer demos up there as they arrive for your enjoyment and feedback.
I'd love to hear your thoughts - the better the feedback, the better the new record.

Any suggestions for titles?  - w