WAY too long

The buck stops here, tho the brakes seem to be pretty worn.  
The artwork for the new CD is finally complete, so "A Few Small Strings" will be available in a couple of weeks (with luck).  
Not only that, I'm also watching the mailbox for the preview copy of my... story.  All 425 pages.  Some would call it a trashy pulp-fiction novel.  
So yes, I continue to diversify.  I'll be re-including video editing to the list of duties, so look for something fun there too.  
Thank you for your patience, or at least tollerance with my scheduling shortcomings.  
If you're on the mailing list, I'll have you a bunch of free MP3s shortly.  
If not, its only a click away.  Just over there ->->.  
More again soon - much more soon than last time.  Guaranteed.