Where did the time go?

I just discovered that its been almost a full century since I last posted here.  
So here's the update and a link for you.
This being holiday season, its time once again to share some silliness.
Here's three daffy ditties in the spirit of holiday bummery.
Enjoy if you can.  Expect no reverence.

I had a record ready to take to the studio in August.
Its still ready to go.  But some major health issues have caused havoc with the schedule.
Continued thoughts and prayers for my team of stellar peeps.

So I started into the next record.  Its going to be a very quick production of a dozen or more acoustic instrumentals.
I'm gunning to have it ready to give to friends for Christmas, so feel free to let me know if you'd like a bit of that.
And I'll have some new video for you shortly too.  

I've been quiet, but very active.  

More soon.