Cellos and bagpipes

I rented a cello three weeks ago.  Went onto YouTube for my first lesson.  I was a star student - for about 3-4 minutes.
Its seems that the position of the left arm was causing pain in my forearm.  I could practice for 2-3 minutes, then it hurt.
I pushed through for a bit - I insisted on getting some kind of part on one of my songs.  And the first song was not promising.
Then I took a crack at "
Over the Falls", (this version is without cello) with a new attitude - crush it.  
I played like I knew what I was doing and dang if I didn't get a few useful notes out of the beast.
After only 12 passes (36 minutes total, so it took me a few days) I had made enough useable sounds to claim that I had played cello on a song.
With the magic of digital editing it sounds almost semi-pro.
I took the cello back last week and put part of the rental refund toward a practice chanter (bagpipes without the bag).  The cats are alarmed.
Not sure if I'll manage any success on the pipes, but it sure looks like fun.
And if that doesn't work out?  I'm open to suggestions for new instruments to try.  Please send your suggestions.

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